Embankment Track - guidelines & etiquette

It is great to see so many of our members using the excellent facilities that Peterborough Embankment Arena provides. Please familiarise yourself and apply these simple guidelines to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment. Train safe and train hard!

Track guidelines
  • ALWAYS look left and right before crossing the track or any run up areas
  • Warm up and down on the outer lanes of the track – lanes 6/7/8 or even better on the grass surrounding the track!
  • Lanes 1 and 2 of the track are the busiest and ‘fastest’ lanes. If you hear someone shout “TRACK” from behind, please look behind you and move out into the outer lane allowing the runner to pass.
  • Try to run in single file or at a maximum of 2 lanes breadth. Not only will you be running the shortest distance but also it is safer!
  • Please refrain from playing in the high jump, long jump and water jump pit unless using it for its purpose.

Field guidelines
  • Do not walk into the field at any time when field events are taking place, accidents do happen and can be fatal!
  • Throwing implements to be treated respectfully and not misused - they can be very dangerous. Consult a coach for specific guidance.
  • Please consult a coach prior to taking equipment to and from the lock up.
  • Ensure there is no one in the landing area you are due to throw into. Never throw your implement back to your starting position. Carry it carefully pointing towards the ground, consult a coach for further guidance.
  • See also UKA Throws Safety Notice.

General Etiquette
  • Everyone of all ages is here to enjoy track and field, please be respectful to one another and refrain from swearing and use of inappropriate comments.
  • Please keep dogs on a lead at all times and away from the track and field facilities
  • Please do not wear headphones when on the track or field
  • Keep doorways and access to the track and field clear of any obstacles e.g. bags, equipment, bikes, scooters etc. Please store them in the relevant facilities-club house and bike racks are provided.
  • Be mindful of your work out clothing, revealing clothing is neither appropriate nor practical for athletes or spectators!