Nene Valley Harriers
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The club's rules, including our affiliations, membership rules, etc.



1.1 The name of the club is ' NENE VALLEY HARRIERS'.


2.2 The headquarters of the club is on the Embankment Athletics Arena, Peterborough.


3.3 The object of the club is the promotion of athletics.


4.1 The UK Athletics club shall be affiliated to the following;

- South of England Athletic Association
- Cambridgeshire Athletic Association
- Eastern Athletic Association
- Other Associations, which the club committee may from time to time, decide.


5.1 PRESIDENT - A suitable person shall be invited annually to accept the office of President, he or she will preside at the Annual General Meeting and may also attend any meetings of the management committee.

5.2 MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - The management of the CLUB is vested in a committee consisting of a Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer as Officers and up to twelve club members all of whom shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. At a committee meeting five members, one of whom must be an officer, shall form a quorum. The committee has the power to fill any vacancy, which may arise.


6.1 The committee shall have the power to appoint and delegate powers to sub-committees for any purpose considered desirable.

6.2 The committee may co-opt further non-voting members as and when considered necessary.

6.3 The committee shall make regulations for Club training sessions and for the club championships as necessary whilst adhering to the rules of the UK Athletics.

6.4 The committee shall elect or appoint representatives to any organisation to which the club is affiliated or any appropriate organisation.

6.5 The club is empowered to make a decision on any matter not expressly provided in these rules.

6.6 The committee as a body shall not be responsible for any personal financial commitment by any of its individual members.


7.1 A candidate for membership must apply in writing on a form provided for the purpose. The committee will consider the application at their next meeting and inform the applicant, in writing, of their decision.

7.2 Forms for applicants under 16 years must be signed by a parent or guardian in addition to the applicant's own signature. The rules of the governing body relating to membership of an athletic club and the rules relating to first claim membership should be fully explained to the applicant and signed to this effect.

7.3 Persons who are non-participating athletes may join the club as 'Associate Members' and be bound by the club rules and constitution. The fee for associate members shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting.


8.1 A member wishing to withdraw from the club shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary. Their membership will terminate on the date of that notice unless they are financially indebted to the club, in which case the committee may withhold acceptance of the resignation until he/she has discharged their liability. A member not having tendered his/her resignation prior to 30 March shall be liable for the ensuing year's subscription.


9.1 The annual subscription of the club shall be set from time to time at the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable on election as a member and subsequently on 1 April each year.

9.2 The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is six months in arrears provided a month's notice in writing shall have been sent to their last known address informing them of the proposed action of the committee.

9.3 The name and address of any person so expelled from the club in the South of England AA shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary of the South of England AA who shall enter their name in a book - to be called the 'black book' - kept for that purpose. Every person whose name has been so entered in the black book shall be suspended from competing at any meeting held under UK Athletics laws until the liability causing the said expulsion, which shall not exceed one year's subscription, shall have been discharged.

9.4 No member whose subscription is three months in arrears is eligible to take part in any competition promoted or paid for by the club.


10.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of November each year. The meeting will receive the honorary secretary's report, approve the accounts, elect officers and committee members and deal with any other matters specified on the agenda. The honorary secretary must give every member 21 days notice of the meeting and notice of any other business requiring discussion. If a member wishes to place an additional item on the agenda then notice must be given, in writing to the honorary secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

10.2 Each paid up member of the FULL subscription and over the age of 18 shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. The chair shall have a vote and the casting vote whenever necessary.


11.1 A special General Meeting must be called by the Honorary Secretary within 14 days of the receipt by him/her of a request in writing signed by at least TEN members of the Club stating the business to be brought before such a meeting.


12.1 The Treasurer shall receive and pay all amounts due on account of the Club. The Club's monies shall be banked or invested as the committee may from time to time decide. Cheques shall be drawn on the signature of any two or three persons authorised by the committee, one of whom must be the Treasurer.


13.1 The Financial year of the Club shall close on 30th September each year. The annual statement of account and balance sheet shall be available to each member together with an agenda for the Annual General Meeting not less than 7 days before such meeting and shall be presented at the meeting.


14.1 Any member who carries out actions which are detrimental to the Club or conducts him/herself in a manner bringing the Club into disrepute shall be suspended from all competition automatically by the Committee for a period of six weeks.

14.2 Appeals against the Committee decision shall be heard by the Chairman within seven days of suspension.


15.1 No alteration or addition may be made to these rules except at the Annual General Meeting or by Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

15.2 Notices of proposed amendments must be given in accordance with the above rules.


16.1 In the event of the affairs of the Club having to be wound up a Special General Meeting shall be called in accordance with the rules to deal with any matters outstanding and to dispose of any assets.

Original : 05/11/87
Amended: 31/01/90 & 30/06/93