Northern Open Indoor, Sheffield

Four Nene Valley athletes attended a Northern open meeting at Sheffield on Saturday 7 November 2015. This is an early season blast out and often used to gain some speed work whilst the weather is too cold outside for the same level of quality. Between them the four athletes recorded 5 personal best performances.

Most prolific was Megan Williams who is competing in her first season as an under 15 in the indoors this winter. Megan recorded three all time personal best performances in an event which was the first for her at an indoor stadium. She started the day on the track sprinting the 60m in a time of 9.18s. Almost as soon as she had got across the line she moved over to the shot putt and threw the heavier weight 6.17m, having moved up age groups. Megan's long jump was delayed an hour, having warmed up for the third time of the day she had to return to the stand and then start over. As a result she went into the long jump tired but her second round jump of 4.20m was her best ever whether indoors or outdoors.

Rosie Fresen was competing in the pole vault and kept her supporters in tender hooks, coming in at a low height of 2.20, she failed her first attempt at 2:40. This kicked her into action and she cleared the next heights almost flawlessly and by big margins. She cleared the bar at 3.00m by a margin suggesting that a personal best would be on the cards but unfortunately could not get over the psychological barriers she suffered at the next height. This was still an indoor personal best for Rosie and showed her exceptional progress over the last twelve months.

The male side of the club's strength was literally showed by Rob Shaw who was clearly the strongest in the men's shot putt throwing a distance of 14.90m and dominating the competition from the start.

Stalwart, Sean Reidy came to Sheffield in order to use it for additional training and had an "average day". Despite his description he did run a very tight race in the 60m where 5 athletes crossed the line within about 0.1s. Sean's time of 7.83s was another personal best. Later on in the day he was out on the banked part of the track competing in the men's 1,000m an unusual distance although he is seen on occasions out over the 800m instead of the 400m hurdles in which he specialises.

Sean started the race as most sprinters do when competing over-distance, too slow but it was clear to the rest of the field that he had not committed as he came through well over the last two laps. Unfortunately we did not have a split time but he not only left the two he had been with for the but closed on the leaders. He never had enough time to catch any more but did record a time of 2:47.40.

This is only the start of the indoor campaign and several more athletes are expected to be competing next month either as preparation for the championships in the New Year or the advantage of quality speed and explosive work in the absence of warm weather.

Ken Maggs