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Organised & run by NVH, The Harrier League is a handicap event held at Lynch Wood Business Park, Peterborough. It consists of a series of 6 handicap races.

Sept-April: The Harrier League

The Harrier League is a handicap event held at Lynch Wood Business Park, Peterborough. It consists of a series of 6 handicap races held monthly between September and April every year..

Each race is 5k, made up of 3 laps around Peterborough Business Park. The course has been accurately measured in the past and not varied since then. It is described as fast and flat despite one very twisty section and thus ideal for pb's and also good for a hard training run.

Race dates and £1 entry fee
Each race starts at 7pm. The entry fee is £1, which goes towards the upkeep and any prizes we may award.

Ideally we would prefer it if you can download and complete the entry form, which should be handed in on the night when entering.

Fixtures for 2019-20
There will be a major change taking place for 2019-2020 series due to the deteriorating state of the course not being suitable for night time racing. We have therefore decided to run races either on a Wednesday evening or a Sunday, as follows:
  • Wednesday 18th September (start 19:00)
  • Wednesday 25th September (19:00)
  • Sunday 24th November (10:45)
  • Sunday 16th February (10:45)
  • Wednesday 1st April (19:00)
  • Wednesday 8th April (19:00)

In all cases we will aim for dates that do not clash with the athletics calendar locally and nationally. Please come back to this page for confirmation nearer the time.

Location and parking
The start is approximately halfway between the Diligenta Building roundabout, PE2 6FY and ADP Ltd Car Park entrance.

Important notice about parking:
Currently parking is at ADP Ltd car park. . It's located opposite the N& P Building Society/Yorkshire Bank HQ and is 1st left after the Lynch Wood roundabout. Turn right by a big sign with ADP's name on it. Pleased avoid going to the toilet in the nearby bushes!

How does the handicap work?
The way the handicap works is simple. The first time you ever run the course you will need to provide the time of your best 5k run, or an estimate. For those who have competed before, the organisers will use their best historical time. The organisers will then start the runners off all at different times, with the general idea being that everyone (theoretically) finishes at the same time.

So if your personal best is, say, 24 mins 10 seconds and Joe Bloggs’ is 24 mins 05 seconds. Joe's time will be rounded down to 24 mins , you will start the race 10 seconds before Joe Bloggs. The faster you are, therefore, the bigger your ‘handicap’.

The winner is not necessarily the fastest runner, rather the runner who beats his or her personal best by the highest margin.

It’s great fun, so why not pop along!

2018-19: download
2017-18: download
2016-17: download.
2015-16: download
2014-15: download
2013-14: download
2012-13: download

Please note we aim to post the results on this website within 48 hours of the race, as a downloadable Excel file.

Race Winner (if handicap is known before race) £5.00
Series Prizes - Overall 1st £30.00, 2nd £20.00 3rd £10.00
Fastest Time during the series £15.00 (male & female)
Best Aged Graded £15.00

Please note

1. In the event of a postponement due to the weather
The event will be rescheduled on the 3rd Wednesday of the following month except if this occurs in April (two weeks later).

2. Note for the winner
It would be appreciated if the winner on the night could make themselves known after the race to collect their prize if eligible. (Eligibility has to have been given a handicap time by the handicapper and not based on personal estimate.) In the event of over 30 entrants (see note 3. below) - and therefore a staggered handicap - the race winner can only be identified once all the results have been finalised.

3. If over 30 entries
If there are over 30 competitors there will be a staggered handicap and athletes will go off at the following times (mins & secs):


The handicap times will be adjusted afterwards.

4. Listen out for start calls!
Please note it is the responsibility of the athlete to be at the start line when they have been called. If your name is called and you miss the start, then your time will be your finishing time. If you were missed by official's error, eg not called then when should have been, your handicap will be adjusted afterwards.

5. No headphones
The course is not traffic-free. So in the interest of you and your fellow competitors, headphones are strictly forbidden and use will result in instant disqualification.

6. Head torches
As the course has areas of poor lighting, head torches are allowed. But, these MUST be switched of at least 50 metres before the finish so the officials are able to see and record your race no.

Harrier League III

Harrier League II

Harrier League I
08.09.19 EAL Final, Bury St Edmunds

26.09.19 End of Season Club Night (members only)

28.09.19 Biggelswade Open
31.08.19 Bassingham Bash (5 miles), nr Newark

18.09.19 Harrier League I (start time 19:00), Lynch Wood, Peterborough

22.09.19 Rutland Water Marathon and Half Marathon

25.09.19 Harrier League II (start time 19:00), Lynch Wood, Peterborough

29.09.19 Northampton Half Marathon (and 'Size 6', 6.9 miles)

06.10.19 Frostbite League I, St Neots